Title: Kiss Me (Kyss mig)

Directed by: Alexandra-Therese Keining

Starring: Ruth Vega Fernandez, Liv Mjönes and Lena Endre

Running time: 105 minutes, Not Rated, Swedish language w/ subtitles

Special Features: Trailer, Music Video “Love Steam”

Mia and her boyfriend Tim travel to her father’s house to attend his birthday party/engagement party and meet her stepmother-to-be Elisabeth. There Mia and Tim are introduced to Frida, Elisabeth’s daughter. Instantly both women feel a connection, however Tim and Mia then announce their own engagement. Mia and Frida soon cannot stay away and spend weekends in bed together; all the while Mia and Tim are still planning their wedding.

It’s the same old story of love at first sight, but the film was fast paced and had likeable characters.  I didn’t like how the characters felt so free to cheat on their significant others, regardless that both Mia & Frida state how they don’t cheat or never cheated. Tim and Elin were such nice and passionately loving partners to both protagonists who didn’t deserve the way they got hurt.  I liked the realism of Mia & Frida’s relationship with their supportive parents. Mia’s dad Lasse (Krister Henriksson) is reluctant to believe his daughter is possibly bisexual, but loves his daughter, so he pushes aside his own personal issues in order to remain close and be a loving father. I felt his performance out shined the rest of the cast, as you could feel his inner struggle and then acceptance winning over; although the acting was excellent by all.

I liked this film. Gay cinema is not my usual bag because the film’s I’ve seen have a lame premise or overwhelmingly gratuitous sex scenes that add nothing to the story. The love scenes in this film were emotional, short and sweet and not drawn out.  The basic story is familiar, so the dialogue is basically easy to follow while reading the subtitles.

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Acting: A

Cinematography: B

Story: B

Total rating: B

Kiss Me DVD Review

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