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The Green Children Bring Soul To Electro-Pop


The Green Children Bring Soul To Electro-Pop

Lyric videos are a bit of drag. Can you a name a fan that says, “I can’t wait for the lyric video to be released?” I think I made my point, but now it is time to completely contradict myself with the new lyric video for “Feel the Light” from The Green Children. Sometimes a band just has it, which makes the video both tolerable and a necessity.

The European electro-pop duo recently dropped their new EP, “Feel the Light”, which is available on iTunes. The three track EP features the songs, “Feel the Light”, “Possessed” and “Kisses From The Sky”. Electro-pop can be a sensitive genre for those who feel technological advancements have tainted the music world. Outfits, like The Green Children, remind us that this generalization should not be a rule to abide by because some bands don’t become the prey of electro-pop. The Green Children bring elements of the electronic category into the mix, but do so in their own fanciful and soulful way. The duo, which consists of Milla Sunde and Marlow Bevan, is capitalizing on an individualized sound with “Feel the Light”.

The Green Children dropped their debut album, “Encounter”, in 2010 via Jackson Browne’s Spinside Records and are now gearing up for their sophomore LP, which will be released in early 2013.

For more on The Green Children, head to their official site.

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