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Interview: Ex-Girlfriends Writer, Director And Star Alexander Poe


Interview: Ex-Girlfriends Writer, Director And Star Alexander Poe

Are you toying with the idea of taking the plunge and making your first feature? In need of a little inspiration? Meet writer, director and actor Alexander Poe. After graduating from Columbia University’s Film MFA program, with good friends and talented peers by his side, Poe just went for it and made his first full feature, “Ex-Girlfriends.”

He stars in the film as Graham, a guy ridden with relationship woes. When his latest romance doesn’t pan out, Graham focuses back in on a former flame, Laura (Kristen Connolly). Trouble is, while trying to rekindle that relationship, Graham finds out that Laura has a boyfriend and that he’s cheating on Laura with Kate (Jennifer Carpenter), Graham’s ex-turned-friend.

Graham’s rocky romance attempts may have roots in Poe’s true experiences, but otherwise, Poe is doing pretty well! Not only did he manage to pull together the material, people and resources necessary for completing a feature film, but that film will be available on VOD on November 27th and can be seen theatrically at the Cinema Village in New York City starting November 28th. In honor of the big release, Poe took the time to sit down at one of the film’s shooting locations, The Brooklyneer, to talk about making the transition from film school shorts to a full feature, striking up a relationship with Jennifer Carpenter, putting a small budget to the best use possible and much more. Catch it all in the video interview below.

By Perri Nemiroff

Alexander Poe and Jennifer Carpenter in Ex-Girlfriends

Alexander Poe and Jennifer Carpenter in Ex-Girlfriends

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