After starring in a slew of films such as ‘Cruel Intentions’, ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ and more, Ryan Phillippe has decided to take on a new role as director. Set to helm the 2013 movie ‘Shreveport’. Phillippe also co-wrote the script with Joe Gossett and will appear in the lead role. The plot follows a washed up movie star who is kidnapped and held hostage by an enemy who tortures him while shooting a low-budget film in a Louisiana city. The 38-year old stars alongside Russ Russo, Joyful Drake, Tig Notaro, Skipper Landry and James DuMont.

Talking with Entertainment Tonight, Phillippe weighed in on how he felt about working behind the camera for the first time. “I do love the idea of being writer-director. What I love is…[that] this structure that we got to build where my character’s held captive is completely by my own design and is exactly what we were writing the script to, so that’s an incredibly rewarding thing…These characters, the way they speak, this setting [are] really all out of the imagination of myself and my co-writer.”

‘Shreveport’ has yet to reveal a release date for the film. In the meantime check out footage of Phillippe on set below.

Ryan Phillippe

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