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Moonlight Bride Release “Dead Language”


Moonlight Bride Release “Dead Language”

The Twilight Saga has left an everlasting stamp on box office history. The Bella and Edward novels came to a close, but the saga’s soundtracks, which added necessary emotional depth to the mediocre acting, don’t need to suffer the same fate. You might not be able to watch Bella and Edward gaze into each other’s eyes to Christina Perri’s “A Thousand Years”, but you can still unearth those breathtaking indie beats on your own. So, start your new Twilight inspired playlist with songs from Moonlight Bride.

The Chattanooga indie rockers will release their new EP, “Dead Language”, digitally on December 4 at all major online retailers. Comprised of 5 songs, the EP showcases Moonlight Bride’s ability to create tunes that are both haunting in nature and instrumentally aesthetically pleasing. The beats of the tunes are anti-climatic, which allows you to decide where your own emotions lie within the song. This freedom that Moonlight Bride bestows on you is largely unheard of in mainstream music, which has taken an electronic route. The amplified beats of the electronic genre can heighten your emotions without your input. Moonlight Bride rids you of this stifling tendency.

In anticipation of the EP’s release, Moonlight Bride is streaming “Dead Language” in its entirety at The South Rail. The outfit is currently working on their new full-length album, which will drop in 2013.

For more information on Moonlight Bride head on over to their official site.

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