If you were alive in the 1980s, you might have seen (or been a part of) the revolution that was going on in American culture during the ’80s. “Let Fury Have the Hour,” an upcoming documentary by Antonino D’Ambrosio, chronicles how the generation’s artists, activists and thinkers used their creativity in response to the time’s politics.

In celebration of the film, which comes to select theaters Friday, December 14, ShockYa is giving away a prize pack to one lucky winner.

The winner will receive:

One theatrical poster and two mini-posters designed by Shepard Fairey
“Let Fury Have the Hour” postcards

Want to win the prize pack? Here’s how to get your chance.

Follow us @Shockya. Then tweet us the phrase, “@Shockya is giving away a Let Fury Have the Hour prize pack! Follow and RT to enter!”

You can tweet us every day until December 30. We will then pick the winner through Twitter DM. Good luck in the giveaway, and if you’d like to learn more about the film, check out the trailer and synopsis below. Also, make sure to check out the film’s official site.

“Rough, raw and unapologetically inspirational, LET FURY HAVE THE HOUR is a charged journey into the heart of the creative counter-culture in 2012. In a time of global challenges, big questions and by-the-numbers politics, this upbeat, outspoken film tracks the story of the artists, writers, thinkers and musicians who have gone underground to re-imagine the world – honing in on equality, community and engaged creativity – in exuberantly paradigm-busting ways.

Writer/director Antonino D’Ambrosio unites 50 powerful, of-the-moment voices –from street artist Shepard Fairey to rapper Chuck D to playwright Eve Ensler to musicians Tom Morello and Billy Bragg to novelist Edwidge Danticat to filmmaker John Sayles to comic Lewis Black – who share personal and powerful tales of how they transformed anger and angst into provocative art and ideas. Mix-mastered with historical footage, animation and performances, D’Ambrosio presents a visceral portrait of a generation looking to re-jigger a system that has failed to address the most pressing problems of our times . . . or human potential.”

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By Monique Jones

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