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Overtime Blu-ray Movie Review


Overtime Blu-ray Movie Review

Title: Overtime

Directed by: Matt Niehoff

Starring: Al Snow, John Wells, Sebrina Siegel

Running time: 80 minutes, Unrated, Available on DVD & Video-on-demand

Special Features: Alternate Y-Box Commercial during end credits

Raph and Max are two hit men that are called to a laboratory for a last-minute assignment on a Saturday, when they’d rather be at Raph’s place celebrating his kids 9th birthday…which he forgot. They’re on a tight schedule to finish the job in time to get a clown and a cake; however a mad scientist throws a wrench in the works by sending a horde of alien bred zombies to ambush the duo.

First the bad:
In the first 5 minutes, our hero Raph (former WWF star Al Snow) gets shot in the arm, yet he flails his arm around like no big deal; then bitches the whole movie about his bloody white dress shirts while still able to hold his arm up to fight and shoot. I guess we’re supposed to believe he’s just a badass.  In many scenes the sound has hollow and tinny ADR. The blood – zombie green and human red did not film well and looks like paintball splatter.

There’s an eye rolling groaner in the scene when Ralph is trying to figure out what to get his 9-year-old kid for his birthday, where we watch an ad for the game console Y-Box 720 with “1.21 gigawatts” of power. Seriously? Great Scott!

Now the good:
The characters are likeable and funny. The writing is decent with plenty of snarky one liners. The creature effects are simple, yet creative on a budget. The rest of that stuff I wrote earlier is easily forgotten…and who the eff hates cake?

Overtime is uber-indie, but it’s not terrible. It’s silly, the acting is sometimes laughably bad, but it’s a good time.

Total Rating: B

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Overtime Blu-ray Movie

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