Beverly Hills, CA December 15, 2012 – Alki David, founder and CEO of Networks announced today a major shift in programming for his over-the-air (OTA) LA, KiLM (Channel 64) being carried on all major cable platforms in Los Angeles including Time Warner, Dish Network, DIRECTV, etc. Beginning immediately, the network will exclusively carry the Battlecam interactive format, which provides instant stardom to anyone who joins the Battlecam online community.

Battlecam originated as FilmOn’s online community that allows registered members to broadcast live from any webcam to an audience of millions. The platform is true interactive television where the audience gets to vote and interact by webcam or mobile phone. The best Battlecam broadcasters develop cult fan followings and in those circles are deemed legendary for their particular brand of entertainment, whether they are a musician, break dancer or stunt actor. They have the opportunity to, earn cash for their efforts from anywhere in the world. Unsuccessful broadcasters are discarded after their 15 seconds expires.

According to FilmOn TV Labs the analytics division of FilmOn, Battlecam programming outperformed all other KiLM programming by 1800 percent, resulting in the 7th most watched program on Los Angeles based Cable Television market within the first four weeks promoted only by viral marketing. As a result, David will expand Battlecam’s time on the broadcast network effective immediately.

“The Battlecam portion of programming has been a tremendous success, outperforming any of our expectations as viewers have embraced the future of fully interactive television,” said Alki David, Filmon founder and CEO. “We will enhance the Battlecam portion of programming, by adding premium interactive programming with special guests and segments while retaining the original format giving the Battlecam community a chance at being a part of the show.” LA is currently available in 7.2 Million homes in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and surrounding markets. The station joins’s subscription based lineup of over 160 Channels and Video On Demand titles, as well as its buzzing online Community TV Network made up of over 1,500 amateur channels. BATTLECAM HOUSE – 24 7 reality show starts Feb 8th 2013 Battlecam House is coming to FilmOn TV this February 8th and its not going to be pretty!

Six men and six women people selected from the video chat community are going to be moved into a real world House of Horrors, somewhere in East Los Angeles.

One by one the BattleCamers will be eliminated as they try and perform weird and crazy challenges to keep their place in the house which is fully interactive to the online and TV watching audience.

30 days of non stop 24 / 7 LIVE interaction broadcast on TV and on line the 10 brave participants will be whittled down to one grand finalist who will win a $10,000 dollar cash prize and many sponsored gifts!

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