The end of every man’s life is being predicted in the official trailer for the upcoming sci-fi film ‘Life Tracker.’ Penned and helmed by Joe McClean, who is making his feature film writing and directorial debuts with the movie, ‘Life Tracker’ stars Matt Dallas, Rebecca Marshall and Barry Finnegan. The movie is being produced by Sarju Patel and Debbie Vandermeulen, and and executive produced by Baron Davis and Marshall.

‘Life Tracker,’ which is set in the near future, features a new device that has emerged that can detect the time of death of every man’s life through DNA analysis. The device has ignited fear and paranoia throughout the world. An aspiring filmmaker, Dillon (played by Finnegan), chronicles the hysteria and stumbles upon the mystery behind Life Tracker Limited, the company behind the device.

With the help of his friends, Scott (portrayed by Dallas) and Bell (played by Marshall), the three embark on a journey to find the real story behind the science. Their friendship and faith are tested along the way, however, as they question if the predictions are true. They are on a race to uncover if a person’s lifespan is ingrained in their DNA.

“‘Life Tracker’ is proper sci-fi, a story that explores how technology can impact our world and ourselves personally,” said Jordan DeSauinier of I AM ROGUE. “It’s a film of big ideas and nuanced characters reacting emotionally to a new device with global ramifications. It is far headier, personal, and ambitious than, say, extraterrestrial robots disguised as new-model cars.”

Watch the official trailer for ‘Life Tracker’ below.

Written by: Karen Benardello

See the End of the World in New Life Tracker Trailer

By Karen Benardello

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