Thanks to the Internet, unearthing new bands has become the norm, but coming across a band worthy of your fan support is not an everyday occurrence. If an artist is denied from one website, chances are their tunes will appear on the page of another. The expression, “there are plenty of other fish in the sea”, is extremely applicable to “Internet rejection” in the music industry. One band that doesn’t have to worry about this website denunciation is the Los Angeles garage rock band, Canto.

With the strum of a string and the utter of a note, Canto had me sold. Having both an edgy and vulnerable sound, the outfit treads on the heels of the current rock music wave, which Nirvana established in the 90s and artists such as The Black Keys, Jack White and Foo Fighters have kept current well into the 2000s. These renowned bands produce beautiful music with the use of imperfect sounds. With groups like Canto still surfacing, maybe the industry can push auto-tune music to the curb for good.

Comprised of three brothers, Seamus (vocals, guitar), Aidan (bass) and David Blackwell (drums), Canto dropped their debut, “HA HA HA”, last year. You can purchase the album, which features the lead single, “Farewell Well Well”, on iTunes now. On April 9th, Canto will be releasing their 5 track EP, “Ride Away”. You can take a listen to the EP’s first single, “Dirty Water”, on SoundCloud. “Ride Away” will also be available on April 9th for a free download through the band’s official Facebook Page.

In preparation for the spring release, the trio will be showing a series of webisodes showing a behind-the-scene look at the band in the studio. You can now check out the first webisode from Canto.

Sorry Jonas Brothers, there is a new sibling trio in town and this outfit left any corniness back at home.

For the latest news on Canto, head on over to the group’s official website.

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