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Casey Desmond Ushers In The Weekend With “Déjà Vu”


Casey Desmond Ushers In The Weekend With “Déjà Vu”

Individually to you, Shockya readers, Thursday can mean a lot of different things based on your current professional and social statuses, but collectively, it translates to nearing the freedom of the weekend. So, let’s celebrate the welcoming of TGIF with the latest music video from synth pop princess, Casey Desmond.

The “Voice” alum released the video for the Zebbler Encanti Experience A/V Remix of her single, “Déjà Vu”. Simply put, Desmond’s video creates a “raver’s” version of utopia, full of kalediscope images, vibrant colors and mystically spirited dance movements. “Déjà Vu” is the title track off her last album, which dropped on November 26th via Sound Museum Records. You can purchase the album on iTunes as well as on vinyl.

An admitted non-fan of electronic dance music, Desmond remains top notch on my exceptions list mostly because her music talent is innate and not given to her by the technological masking of synthesizers. On “Déjà Vu”, she merges the contemporary sounds of EDM with the classical tempos of the analog pop hits of the past, proving Desmond knows her craft through and through.

For the latest information on Casey Desmond, head on over to her official site.

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