Recently, ShockYa posted the sixth season key art for “Mad Men,” which was spectacular. Now, the promotional images for the upcoming season have been released!

There’s always something cool about the promotional images, but we’ve got even more glamour this time around (and yes, I spelled “glamour” the British way). Everyone’s decked out to the nines, but, of course, we’re getting more into the ’70s, so we’ve also got the appearances of sideburn on Pete. Everyone else seems to be slowly coming into the early ’70s except for Don Draper, who seems firmly stuck back in the mid-century. Basically, it’s where he belongs; the “Don Draper” persona was born back then, so it seems appropriate that Don would seem like some sort of specter.

You can take a look at one of the promotional images below the post. To see the rest, head over to TV Fanatic.

“Mad Men” is AMC’s hit show set in the 1960s. Don Draper works at ad agency Sterling Cooper and seems to have an idyllic life, except he’s not the man he appears to be. “Mad Men” stars Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Vincent Kartheiser, Christina Hendricks, January Jones, Alison Brie, Robert Morse, John Slattery, Kiernan Shipka and Michael Gladis. The two-hour season premiere airs April 7.

Mad Men Season 6 promo pic

By Monique Jones

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