We’ve got three new wide releases hitting theaters this weekend, but with “Oz the Great and Powerful” still holding strong, it could mean mediocre profits for all. “The Croods” is getting the widest release of the bunch and considering “Escape From Planet Earth” has fallen way down the charts, it could snatch up the large majority of younger moviegoers. March has been a big month for animated movies in the past, including openings north of $40 million for “Dr. Suess’ The Lorax,” “How to Train Your Dragon,” and, “Monsters Vs. Aliens,” but “The Croods” could find itself just below that mark with about $38 million due to the vast competition.

“Olympus Has Fallen” is getting the next widest release, debuting in over 3,000 theaters, but again, there’s not a strong enough push behind this one to get it the big money. “Olympus Has Fallen” will come in well behind 2011’s “Battle: Los Angeles,” probably earning just $25 million. Last up for the newcomers is “Admission” and while it won’t make a killing, it could get a decent boost from the lack of comedy competition. It might even wind up matching another Paul Rudd comedy, “I Love You, Man,” with an opening total of $17 million.

“Oz the Great and Powerful” will undoubtedly lead the veterans again. Should it have the staying power of “Alice in Wonderland,” it might only lose 47% again, which would give it another $22 million and the 3rd spot on the top ten. After a surprisingly strong start, word of mouth could earn “The Call” a nice chunk of cash yet again. Should it drop just 38%, it’ll take another $10 million to the bank. Speaking of word of mouth, all the buzz surrounding “Spring Breakers” could lead to an $8,000 per theater average after its 1,000-theater boost and, should that be the case, the film will take in another $8 million and the 6th spot.

As for “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” after an abysmal start, it’s poised to come and go, possibly dipping 50% for a mere $5 million second weekend out. “Jack the Giant Slayer” doesn’t have very far to fall anymore, so there’s a good chance that one will maintain 65% of its weekend three profits for another $4 million. Thanks to a slow and steady decline, “Identity Thief” might only lose 32% of its weekend six earnings, which would give it another $3 million. Finally, rounding out the top ten, we’ll have “Snitch” with a 40% dip and $2 million weekend five total.

Shockya.com Predictions

1. The Croods

2. Olympus Has Fallen

3. Oz the Great and Powerful

4. Admission

5. The Call

6. Spring Breakers

7. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

8. Jack the Giant Slayer

9. Identity Thief

10. Snitch

By Perri Nemiroff (via Box Office Mojo)

The Croods
The Croods

By Perri Nemiroff

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