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It’s A Disaster Movie Review


It’s A Disaster Movie Review

Title: It’s A Disaster

Directed by: Todd Berger

Starring: Julia Stiles, David Cross, America Ferrera, Kevin M. Brennan, Rachel Boston, Jeff Grace, Erinn Hayes, Blaise Miller

Running time: 88 minutes, Rated R

Emma (Erinn Hayes) and Pete (Blaise Miller) are having their traditional couple’s brunch. Newly dating Glenn (David Cross) and Tracy (Julia Stiles) arrive and she briefs him about her eccentric friends who will be attending. Lexi (Rachel Boston) is the vegetarian of the group and all feel forced to cater to her diet choices. Lexi’s husband Buck (Kevin M. Brennan) is a musician; he and Lexi are both uncomfortably inappropriate to everyone, but only Glenn seems affected. Hedy (America Ferrera) is a chemistry/conceptual physics teacher at an inner city school and her fiance of 6 years Shane (Jeff Grace) is an Ebay treasure hunter.

Before the meal begins, they all learn of a shocking revelation about their hosts when a neighbor named Hal dressed in a “hazmat suit” brings news of a dirty bomb being set off 12 miles away and they are facing the end of the world with each other.

This film raises some questions as to how would anyone spend their last hours alive? Drinking? Drugs? Sex? Breaking up? Making up? Imagining what may have been? Screw it, let’s do it all. The group’s personalities really start to come through when they come to terms with their imminent demise. The level headed and somewhat uptight Hedy is the first to break down and has a rebirth of sorts when she starts cooking something up in the kitchen. Lexi and Buck become more open with their open marriage, Emma and Pete discover their issues sort of cancelled each other out and Tracy learns something new and disturbing about Glenn; but the end is nigh and it’s all Kosher.

“Duct tape, with a T,” was by far one of my favorite lines. One of the best pop culture reference used in a film was when Hedy describes what type of chemical was used in the bomb to which Shane replies, “Holy Sh-t, that’s the stuff from The Rock!” David Cross’s character takes a surprising, yet hilarious turn if you’re familiar with his stand-up.

It’s A Disaster was highly enjoyable even though nothing really happens. The dialogue is intelligent and the cast has incredible chemistry. You will will be reminded of at least one friend or family member like these characters and you have to ask yourself how you would react if you were stuck with them in your final hours?

Reviewed by: JM Willis

Total Rating: A

Its A Disaster Movie

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