I got to speak to actress and model Natalie Martinez about Broken City which just came out on DVD Blu-Ray, and is directed by Allen Hughes and stars Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg, and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Tell us a bit about Broken City.

Broken City is sort of a Suspense Drama Film Noir style story where you have Wahlberg who plays Billy Taggart, a cop turned private eye, and Russell Crowe who’s the Governor who gets Mark Wahlberg to help him find out what his wife, Catherine Zeta Jones, is up to. He soon discovers though that that’s not the reason he wanted him to investigate. It’s filled with the lies and truths of politics and criminal activities.

What was it like working with such an amazing cast?

It’s wonderful! It pushes you to do such a great job because you are surrounded by such great actors. Most of my scenes were with Mark Wahlberg and we helped each other out a lot and he helped me with some scenes, we had a really great time shooting together!

You made the transition to acting from Modeling, tell us a little bit about that experience

One thing just led to another, they just went hand in hand for me. When one door opened it paved the way for other things.

What drew you to the role of Natalie Barrow?

It was a really well written script and a great director and cast! The project  as a whole was just really appealing. There is a lot about what she wants to do and about her and Mark Wahlberg getting together and her life as a growing artist and actress. She goes through a lot, she’s a city girl that made something of herself, and that’s something that I liked.

What do you have next in the pipeline for you?

I’m currently shooting a CBS pilot called Under the Dome, which is based on a book by Stephen King and Steven Spielberg is producing it.

By Laura Gaddy

Natalie Martinez Broken City

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