Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge (better know to us as Kate Middleton) will be giving birth any day now, and if you’re waiting impatiently for the news about the birth of the royal baby, you might be interested in learning how royal pregnancies were treated in the 15th century.

“The White Queen” will feature its own pregnant royal, Elizabeth Woodville, who was also a commoner that married into the royal family. However, the one thing Catherine won’t have to worry about is praying for a boy; in the 15th century, royal parents would pray for boys since only males could inherit the throne.

Check out this cool video about 15th century royal births as well as some facts about royal births now and then. There’s also a picture of Rebecca Ferguson as a very pregnant Queen Elizabeth below.

“The White Queen” will premiere on Starz Aug. 10 at 8/7c. You can learn more about “The White Queen” at its website and Facebook and Twitter pages.

Royal Birth, Then and Now

  • In 2012, England overturns laws making the sex of an heir irrelevant. For Elizabeth, the fate of British Empire was decided on sex of an heir.
  • Kate dated William for 5 years before meeting the queen, whereas Elizabeth dated for 3 weeks before becoming queen
  • Kate’s birth plan includes utilizing all of the best modern medicine, whereas Elizabeth’s birth plan was pray it’s a boy
  • Queen Elizabeth had 12 children by age 43
  • The White Queen 2013

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