Happy Wednesday, Shockya readers! Placing “happy” adjacent to a workday might read like an oxymoron, but any form of encouragement midweek helps. Thanks to the Nashville quartet, Machines Are People Too, you can now replace “Happy Wednesday” with something a bit more personal like, “Do What You Love”, which is the lead single off of their sophomore EP, “Nickels & Dimes”.

Rounded out by the songs, “Get Up”, “Wait”, “I’m Alright”, “Can’t Keep Running” and “Our Time”, the EP dropped July 23rd and is available for purchase on iTunes. Baeble Music recently premiered the music video for the first single, “Do what You Love”. The track, which is already infused with epiphany-like lyrics, climbs its way even closer to nirvana with playful and carefree imagery of the outfit bicycle riding, dining at food trucks and having chicken fights in a swimming pool. Simply put, “Do What You Love” is the ideal track to just “cut loose” when your boss is less than understanding of your daily needs.

The synth-pop group has been on the music festival circuit with performances at Bonnaroo, Hangout Fest, Summerfest, Nocturnal Wonderland and an upcoming set at Lollapalooza.

For more information on the “feel good” band of the summer, head on over to their Facebook Page.

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