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Exclusive Clip: The Pitch Shows Ad Agencies Trying to Reach Bliss


Exclusive Clip: The Pitch Shows Ad Agencies Trying to Reach Bliss

AMC’s docu-style series “The Pitch” is back for a second season, bringing audiences a new look into the real world of advertising agencies. The second episode of this season airs tonight, in which we meet two new agencies, MC² and Innerspin. We also meet the client they must win over, bliss, a spa-inspired skincare company that also runs 21 spas worldwide.

What bliss wants from the two companies is a launch campaign for the newest product in their line of skincare. It sounds simple, but of course, there will be creative twists, turns, and drama. Want to see some of the episode for yourself? We’ve got an exclusive clip you can watch right below.

The first season of “The Pitch” was a huge success with both audiences and critics. Here’s more on “The Pitch”:

“In 2012, the first season of AMC’s original docu-style series, The Pitch, was nominated for a Critics Choice Award and was called “an absorbing look at the frustrations and satisfactions of the creative process itself” by Entertainment Weekly. In Season 2, The Pitch continues to explore the incredible lengths, intense stakes and tight deadlines advertising agencies encounter when they take aim at a new piece of business. Each episode not only follows two creative shops as they work day and night to build a campaign worthy of winning over the brand, but also takes a closer look into the decision making process the brands go through in order to choose which agency has successfully captured their identity.”

Make sure to watch tonight’s episode at 11 pm ET/10 pm CT.

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