“The Legend of Bruce Lee” was recently acquired by FilmOn for their kung-fu fans. The epic 30-hour series was produced by none other than the daughter of Bruce Lee, Shannon Lee and is the definitive story of the fighting master’s life and legacy.

Fans of Lee will be engrossed in this series, particularly the series’ star Danny Chan, who started out as a choreographer and dancer and has an uncanny resemblance to Lee himself. Chan has also played Lee in the 2012 film “Spirit of Fight.” In this film, Chan’s character represented the beginnings of Jeet Kune Do and MMA boxing.

“The Legend of Bruce Lee” was CCTV’s highest-rated programming, breaking the network’s record. The series that captured the hearts of many Chinese has now come overseas to wow and inspire Lee’s international fanbase.

You can watch “The Legend of Bruce Lee” for free at FilmOn.com in SD, or you can upgrade to HD and get extra DVR recording space for a small monthly subscription. Check out “The Legend of Bruce Lee” in the embed below or at FilmOn.

What do you think about “The Legend of Bruce Lee”? What do you love about the martial arts master? Give your opinions in the comments section below.


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By Monique Jones

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