Horror icon Jacqui Holland will be giving fans a double shot of her acting talent with horror film “Dead Ringer” and action film “God of Thunder.” ShockYa was happy to be able to speak with Holland about her films and her new production company. Read below to see what you can expect from these cool upcoming films. “God of Thunder” will be out this December.

You are promoting two films, “Dead Ringer” and “God of Thunder.” What can you tell me about “Dead Ringer”?

Jacqui Holland: So, it’s a horror film, and I play a character named Sandra. She’s kind of an obsessive stalker and she had a fiance. She finds another guy who looks just like him who happens to be an actor and she tries to after him.

You’re in “God of Thunder” as Thor’s love interest. What can you say about “God of Thunder”?

Jacqui Holland: It’s an action film and it’s looks really good. Thor’s in all his armor, and I’m running around with him, driving big trucks and vans and cars, since can’t drive. He’s a god, so he doesn’t know how to do that. We’re pretty much searching for Loki and trying to save the world.

How was it getting into character for both Sandra and Thor’s love interest?

Jacqui Holland: It’s pretty different. Getting into character to play a psycho is a lot of fun. I just close my eyes and just let myself become somebody else. For the love interest with Thor–it was a 22-day shoot. [My character] was pretty much wearing the same outfit and she had no make up on and she’s just kind of like a girl next door, so it was very different. For that role, it was kind of like, “How would I react if I was being chased by crazy people with black eyes who were trying to kill me?”

You’re known as a horror icon. What do you love about the horror genre?

Jacqui Holland: I pretty much love everything about the horror genre. I really like films that are dark and twisted. My favorite ones are the ones that screw with your mind a little bit. Afterwards, you’re just thinking about it because it was so twisted and dark.

I read that you’ve started your own production company. How does it feel to have started this type of business?

Jacqui Holland: It’s really exciting. We’ve just started launching it now and hopefully, we’re working on making a slate of films. We have one that’s in [post-production] right now, called “Mind Fuc” and we’re making the type of films I love, which are these dark and twisted, thought-provoking horror films with dark comedy and it’s really exciting.


By Monique Jones

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