“Terminator: Genesis” is now underway. According to Variety, Emilia Clarke and Jaskon Clarke have already signed on to play Sarah and John Connor and Arnold Schwarzenegger will be back to portray one of his most famous characters. But there’s one other big role left to fill–Kyle Reese–and the search is out to find the right guy.

Why is Kyle Reese so important? It’s simple–he’s the father to humanity’s savior. The original Kyle Reese, played by Michael Biehn, is sent back into the past to protect Sarah Connor and eventually becomes the father to John Connor. Whoever gets the role will have to be someone who can portray both fatherhood and action heroics well. Variety’s sources state that Tom Cocuqerel, Boyd Holbrook, Sam Reid, Wilson Bethel and Jai Courtney are some of the actors who will screen test Monday for the role.

I don’t know who could get the role, but I feel like the role is Jai Courtney’s to lose. The role sounds like something in his wheelhouse. But I could be wrong–you never know how things go down when it’s time to screen-test. If you want to discuss who you think could be Kyle Reese, write about it in the comments section.


By Monique Jones

Monique Jones blogs about race and culture in entertainment, particularly movies and television. You can read her articles at Racialicious, and her new site, COLOR . You can also listen to her new podcast, What would Monique Say.

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