CinemaCon has revealed some very intriguing news from some of the biggest upcoming films, and “Fifty Shades of Grey” is no exception. The general feelings the public has about “Fifty Shades” so far seems to be summed up in a big ‘ol question mark. There’s just not enough out there for us to make an opinon on yet and the little that has been released has just left a “ho hum” feeling in the air. The book the film is based on is all about S & M sex–will the film live up to the book’s salacious reputation? CinenaCon answers that question–sort of. The Hollywood Reporter discussed the new footage and what was (or wasn’t) shown.

Universal Pictures chairman Donna Langley showed the first footage from the film, saying, “Nobody outside the studio has seen a frame of footage.” The closely-guarded clips showed Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan as Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey meeting in Christian’s office, at Anastasia’s hardware store job, and coffee shops. These places are all locales fans of the book will recognize, so that bodes well for the film. However, there’s not much hardcore in the scenes except for some allusions to Christian’s intense tastes, a scene of Christian and Anastasia up against a wall, Anastasia wearing a blindfold and Christian saying at one point, “Hearts and flowers–that’s not who I am.”

The film is set to be in theaters Feb. 13, 2015, so we’ll certainly get more clips as the year wears on, but I’m sure everyone is hoping that there will be some red band footage after a while. This is a film based on “mommy porn,” after all.

Catch a Glimpse of Christian Grey in First Fifty Shades of Grey Poster

By Monique Jones

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