It’s every young girl’s dream to have a Hollywood A lister flirt with them. In 17 year old Lucy Clode’s case, on a trip to the Big Apple with her mum, they spotted James Franco outside the stage door of a Broadway production he was currently starring in. Naturally she took some selfies with the star in the background and in a video, Franco is seen shouting at her to tag him when she uploaded them online.

According to media reports, Franco is said to have contacted her on Instagram after the upload asking her where she was from, who she was with and if she had a boyfriend. Miss Clode tried to play coy by saying, ‘Nearly 18, my mum and not if you’re around.’

The conversation then goes on to Miss Clode asking him to prove that it is really him, to which ‘Franco’ responds by sending her a photo of himself with holding a piece of paper with her name on.

The conversation ends with ‘Franco’ telling the teen to text him when she does want to meet up (see exchange below).

Franco fans and sceptics have taken to the internet to call it a publicity stunt even though it is unclear whether the messages are genuine or not. Coincidentally in his new film Palo Alto, he plays a high school teacher who dates one of his pupils. The age of consent in New York is ironically 17.

Franco has since taken to Twitter after the supposed exchange, tweeting, ‘I’M NOT! I HOPE PARENTS KEEP THEIR TEENS AWAY FROM ME. Thank you.’

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