“The Walking Dead” is a show known for its amount of blood, gore, and of course, character deaths. Character deaths are probably the most annoying things fans have to deal with when it comes to their favorite shows, and “The Walking Dead” does a great job of testing its fandom’s loyalty in that regard.

Executive producers Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple were recently interviewed by The Hollywood Reporter about what fans can expect from the upcoming season. One of the things discussed is the reality of deaths in the show. “We’re trying not to be the ‘character death show,'” said Gimple. “It’s a part of the world. In the last couple of years, major character deaths on show has become part and parcel to seemingly every type of TV, except reality…We don’t want to play it as like a tool in our tool chest or something that’s some part of story rhythm.” Gimple also says that character deaths on “The Walking Dead” define the surviving characters’ actions.

What do you think about this tidbit? Who do you hope does not get bitten by a zombie this season? Give your opinions in the comments section below! The new season of “The Walking Dead” returns this Sunday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET/ 8 p.m. CT on AMC.

Devour The Walking Dead's Talked About Scene From Season 4's Isolation

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