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Evil Twin Studios Raymond Hill Mortuary Haunt

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Evil Twin Studios Raymond Hill Mortuary Haunt

For the Halloween season Fremont Centre Theatre in Pasadena is going back to its roots to revive its history as a real life morgue as a mortuary. The maze is filled with pitch dark winding corridors, small tight spaces, elaborate vignettes, and interactive paths to take that may change your fate, with some creative frights along the way. You may find yourself crashing a funeral, being asked to protect a sacred artifact, crawling through a dark tunnel on your hands and knees, or being put on ice to take a shift as one of the dead.

The spooky Raymond Hill Mortuary haunt experience is run and put on by Evil Twin Studios and is the vision and passion project of its creators Todd Schroeder and Scott Peterson. When we interviewed them we got to ask about this year’s highlights, and they gave us this little taste of what to expect.

There’s two areas that are very unique. There are lots of different things things in the haunt from smells, lights, sounds, scares, but there is two very unique scares in there that require people to do something they are not so comfortable with and then they get a very nice scare with it. Let’s just say, there is definitely some Claustrophobia going on.”

The haunt makes use of the theater aspects of the location. The all volunteer cast delivers well acted out and interesting scenes that draw in visitors to take part and shape their own tale as they go.

We try and have a little bit of a story and have the actors interact with the people who are in front of them as opposed to just putting on a scene that you watch. I just think there’s something about a haunted house that’s different from a movie, you are there, you’re in it! You become part of it.”

Experience the Raymond Hill Mortuary this Halloween weekend. Tickets are $13 online and $15 at the door and runs Fri and Sat from 7pm to 11pm. Proceeds will benefit South Pasadena Educational Foundation. Check out the haunt’s site at

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