“ReBoot” was, for all intents and purposes, the first fully 3D-animated cartoon to grace Canadian and American airwaves back in 1994. It wasn’t just a technological feat, but also became a cult classic, with fans still loyal to the characters who worked tirelessly to protect their computer home from virus villainy.

As a “ReBoot” fan, I’ve occasionally wondered what “ReBoot” would look like if it ever got, well, a reboot–it would be interesting to see it get an update after all, since 3D technology has advanced leaps and bounds since the ’90s. But fans who have wanted to see the show get rejiggered have been waiting without result until now. CinemaBlend states that the popular show is getting a revision for new audiences.

The company behind “ReBoot,” Rainmaker Entertainment, is creating “ReBoot: The Guardian Code” and the news comes out right as the original show is nearing its 20th anniversary. News about the remake had been around since last year, with Rainmaker Entertainment president Michael Hefferon stating to Canada.com a little bit about their plan, including a “major computer entity” coming on board to help with the project. Hefferon also said that a “cross-family” approach would be taken for the remake to entertain both older fans and newer ones. One element of that approach would include gags that “will be a lot of fun for the existing ReBoot fans,” he said.

However, The Huffington Post Canada reports that Rainmaker Entertaiment has lost more than $1 million a year, so as to how the remake will actually come together is something we’ll have to continue to follow.

ReBoot: The Guardian Code

By Monique Jones

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