We are now in a space and time in our movie-loving culture is to review trailers. Sometimes, it seems pointless to critique a trailer, but at other times, it’s only necessary to point out how magnificient a trailer makes the populace feel. The release of the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” trailer seems to be one of those times.

Across social media and movie news websites, tons of people are excitedly discussing their love for the new trailer. Even celebrities are tweeting about how overjoyed they are at the footage shown from the J.J. Abrams’ directed film, as The Hollywood Reporter examines. It would seem that Abrams, who is a self-proclaimed “star Wars” fan for life, has infused the film with as much of his love and exuberance for the franchise as possible. Just like how Abrams transformed “Star Trek” from a dusty, aging franchise to a sexy, reinvigorated movie series, he’s bringing the fun, action, and humor back into “Star Wars,” which had long become a stodgy tale of space-age trade negotiations and a terrible love story.

The Telegraph called the trailer “spine-tingling,” with Telegraph writer Robbie Collin stating, “It’s hard to recall a teaser trailer in the last few years stirring up quite as much frenzy as this one[.]”

The New York Daily News also gives the trailer a virtual standing ovation, stating that the trailer is “a brief but beautiful movie teaser bliss.” “…[I]t does promise at least that Abrams’ previously sneaked on-the-set pics and overall approach is on the right path,” writes NY Daily News’ Joe Neumaier, also stating that the trailer shows that the film will veer back towards the original trilogy in terms of looks and special effects instead of the relatively recent prequels, which did a lot to damage the franchise for many fans. Simply speaking, the respect Abrams is showing the franchise, something that seemed oddly lacking in the prequels led by the original “Star Wars” visionary George Lucas, is what everyone is responding to.

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By Monique Jones

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