Getting invited to participate in a ghost hunt and seance sure sounded like a great idea. You know, like first act of a horror film ‘Why not?’ moment when you think ‘what’s the worst that could really happen?’. With that in mind we joined a celebration of the blu-ray release of ‘The Poltergeist’ remake that took place in the real life haunted Oman House and were in for some wild surprises.

Reportedly one of the most actively haunted homes in the state, the property owned by wildly enthusiastic David Oman has hosted some of the most famous sighting in ghost hunting history. If you can think of your cool kooky uncle who’s seen some shit, that’s David. It doesn’t faze him and he encouraged the attitude that the existence of ghosts shouldn’t faze you. He explains that not all entities are demons seeking to possess you, it’s just remaining presences of everyday people like you and me. Sometimes they have bad histories to them or sometimes it’s normal folk just sticking around.

Some of the most famous sightings at his place involve Sharon Tate and co. from the Manson murders which happened on the same lane as the house. But mostly its wandering Native American spirits, a very friendly little girl or whomever is attracted to the hot spots on the property. They live with David and he gives this sense that they’re just his interesting roommates that hang out. They sometimes get trickstery but mostly are just a part of his home.

The seemingly normal house was filled with props, posters from the Poltergeist movie, and played the film while a sense of eeriness pervaded the environment. Sure, the majority of invited guests and reps working the event felt skeptical but for those open to it the energy was very charged.

We got to scout some of the rooms in which sighting have appeared. A hallway featured in coverage from renown psychics and ghost hunting shows was a stop but we didn’t get much there as far as activity. I think its mostly due to the non believers in the group. It was when we got to the little girl’s room where things changed. See, when our guide was telling us stories of her apparitions, her following people around the house, the ghost meter went off the charts. However when we tried asking her questions, she got shy like a real little kid. Her responses gave her personality away and was very playful. When one of the people in our group played the keyboard she reacted very happily.

In the end the surprises came from the playful activity of the child ghost who didn’t shun us because of the non believers. Other guests had weird things happen to their pics or picked up voices in their audio. The freaky thing is, when you’re recording and play it back, its as if someone is whispering directly into your audio when physically no one was. I didn’t get any voices but the Oman house is notorious for silly spooks following you home.The next morning as I told him my significant other about my adventures and that possibility. He revealed to me that when I got back and we went to sleep we woke up after a while to the sounds of scratching noises and my mumbling something before going back to sleep.

So yeah, my life might go all Poltergeisty! Talk about supernatural swag to take home.

Poltergeist is out now on Blu-Ray!

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