Hologram USA has had a busy 2015. They’re the tech company responsible for bringing Billie Holiday and Whitney Houston back from the dead and on to the stage for big venue performances. Hologram USA is back at it with an eye to bring comedy legends back for more.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Hologram USA and FilmOn, ShockYa.com’s parent company, will partner up with CMG Worldwide to put on a touring comedy show featuring Redd Foxx and Andy Kaufman to a theater near you. The “live” performances will also be broadcast on FilmOn.com, which owned by Greek billionaire Alki David.

“We’re delighted to work with Hologram USA to celebrate Andy Kaufman and Redd Foxx, two comedians who changed the genre forever,” Samantha Chang, director of licensing at CMG, said in a statement.

Chang added: “As with all our work with legendary artists, we ensure that every project is authentic and created with the utmost respect for the person’s life and work.”

Of course, Redd Foxx was a legendary comedian who hit the mainstream during the 70s with the hit TV sitcom “Sanford & Sons” and Andy Kaufman was a off-the-beaten-path talent on Saturday Night Live during that era too.

At the moment, no dates or venues were announced for the upcoming comedy tour, but I’d imagine sometime in 2016.

Source: Chicago Tribune.



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