Rapper Chief Keef signed with FilmOn in a collaboration on a series of hologram concerts. In November of this year, FilmOn founder Alki David suspended Keef’s contract, citing issues with his management team. Apparently, Chief Keef’s management released unauthorized music.

According to Contract Music, Alki David filed a million-dollar lawsuit against Keef’s manager Idris ‘Peeda Pan’ Abdul Wahid. The lawsuit is also against producers, Zaytoven, Metro Boomin’, Sonny Digital, and DJ Holiday. Chief Keef’s management allegedly released two records from the 20-year-old rapper – “Finally Rollin’ 2” and “Nobody 2” – a month early in November when they should’ve been released in December 2015.

“Since May 2015, Chief Keef has breached the Agreement by arbitrarily and capriciously recording, writing, selling merchandise and performing outside of the Agreement,” David claims. “FilmOn Music is not suing Keef because we do not believe in suing talent,” David tells Billboard. “We believe Keef has once again mislead by his management. We have filed a lawsuit against his management company plus all the vendors and producers who have knowingly interfered with his 360 Recording Contract with FilmOn Music.”

Source: Billboard (via Contract Music)

By Rudie Obias

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