Producers Mem Ferda and Adam J Merrifield of White Lantern Film have revealed a shocking new trailer for the most awaited horror feature of 2016 – K-SHOP.

K-SHOP transfers the Sweeney Todd story to the binge-drinking milieu of Britain as a vigilant kebab shop owner, battles with drunken clubbers. A debut for writer -director Dan Pringle, the film has secured distribution through Bulldog Film Distributors and is set for UK Cinema release in July this year. Empress Road Pictures will be the International Sales agent for the film.

The film follows the story of a kebab shop owner’s son who turns butcher after his father is killed by lawless yobs on a night out and paint’s an accurate picture of Britain’s binge drinking culture by uniquely integrating scenes of genuine night life with the film’s visceral narrative. Producer Mem Ferda comments; ‘Its high time a socially relevant film like this was made highlighting the significant problems of drink culture that is prevalent amongst our ‘teen’ society today. I can best
describe it as an intoxicating, super-slaughter, sweeney todd-esque ride that cleverly has a stab at British binge drinking. It will certainly have partygoers think twice about stopping off for a kebab on the way home’.

The film stars ZIAD ABAZA (Tyrant), DARREN MORFITT (Dog Soldiers), REECE NOI (Game of Thrones), HARRY REID (Eastenders), SCOT WILLIAMS (The Crew), and EWEN MACINTOSH (The Office, Lobster)

Writer/ Director Dan Pringle commented; “Set against a familiar backdrop of British binge drinking culture, the film’s intention has always been
to present a highly thrilling story whilst touching on some important social issues simultaneously”

Starring: Ziad Abaza, Darren Morfitt, Reece Noi, Harry Reid, Scot Williams and Ewen Macintosh

Producers: Adam J Merrifield and Mem Ferda

Written & Directed by: Dan Pringle

K-SHOP will be screened at the Dead By Dawn International Film Festival, Scotland on 21st of April 2016 And at the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival, between 27th to 30th of May, screening date and time tbc. Visit the official website for more details.


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