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FilmOn TV Launches Drone TV, The First Ever Channel Dedicated to Drone Racing!!


FilmOn TV Launches Drone TV, The First Ever Channel Dedicated to Drone Racing!!

Recently, FilmOn TV added over 55 new music channels for your listening pleasure, along with new sports and traveling channels too. Now the online streaming service devoted to the newest sport, Drone Racing.

Drone TV is the first 24/7 drone racing channel and it’s now available for free only on FilmOn TV.

“Drone Racing is changing the way we think about sports and virtual reality, and FOTV is proud to launch the very first channel devoted to it 24/7 on,” said FOTV Media Networks CEO Alki David. “It’s truly the next NASCAR and watching these little warriors tear it up at 100 MPH is sick, addictive fun.”

FilmOn TV partnered with InterDrone and Drone TV creator Skip Fredricks to bring 24 hours a day/7 days a week of the best and brightest in the new emerging sport of Drone Racing.

“Here’s the deal,” creator Skip Fredricks says. “You take your gamers, pretty much living in their home caves 24/7 playing first person shooters, kind of white and pasty from never leaving that room, toss in some BMX riders, skateboarders, your basic extreme sport athlete tatted from head to toe, put a racing drone in their hands, strap some FPV glasses on his face and the reality gets twisted, augmented, virtual, 360VR, and does it really matter, you’re in the seat, you’re flying the Death Star trench at 80 miles per hour and it’s outside in the real world racing in a virtual one. That’s drone racing, that’s drones in general—it’s a whole new way of looking at and interacting with the world. It truly gets you high.”


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