Friends are realizing that they only have each other in their most dire time of need, as a gang of sinister clowns begin stalking them through an otherwise deserted town. To celebrate the chase, the filmmakers and actors of the new thriller, ‘Clowntown,’ will be participating in an in-store signing on behalf of the horror film’s home release. The film is now available on Video on Demand and DVD for an SRP of $15.00 from ITN Distribution.

Screenwriter Jeff Miller and director Tom Nagel will be joined by the movie’s cast, including Brian Nagel, Lauren Elise, Andrew Staton, Katie Keene, Jeff Denton and Ryan Pilz, for the in-store signing. The group will appear at Los Angeles’ horror bookstore, Dark Delicacies, which is located at 3512 W Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank, this Saturday, October 15 at 2:00pm. For more information on the signing, visit Dark Delicacies’ official website.

The writer and director, as well as Brian Nagel, Christopher Lawrence Chapman and Ronnie D. Lee, served as producers on ‘ClownTown,’ which is loosely inspired by the clowns who terrorized Bakersfield, California in 2014. Robert Kurtzman, the creator of ‘From Dusk Till Dawn,’ co-produced the thriller.

Watch the official trailer, and check out the DVD art, for ‘ClownTown’ below.

ClownTown DVD Giveaway Follows Friends Being Targeted by the Title Villains

Written by: Karen Benardello

By Karen Benardello

As a graduate of LIU Post with a B.F.A in Journalism, Print and Electronic, Karen Benardello serves as ShockYa's Senior Movies & Television Editor. Her duties include interviewing filmmakers and musicians, and scribing movie, television and music reviews and news articles. As a New York City-area based journalist, she's a member of the guilds, New York Film Critics Online and the Women Film Critics Circle.

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