Harmon Brothers, the world renowned, Utah-based social media ad agency behind greatest viral ad in internet history, rolled out the sequel to its first Squatty Potty ad, This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop, in a first-ever red carpet premiere for a social media ad last night in Provo, Utah.

The sequel, Slay Your Poo Stink with the Golden Fart of a Mystic Unicorn, is already making headlines and driving loads of social media buzz.

“We always push the envelope with our ads, and given the significance of Squatty Potty, we felt that we should push the envelope in how we announced this ad. The result? The first-ever red carpet premier for a social spot,” said Benton Crane, Managing Director of Harmon Brothers. “We believe people are going to love this ad, and this new product, as much as they love the first, and we’re excited for Squatty Potty and what this incredible campaign is going to deliver for them.”

The event, which was hosted by Studio C star Stacey Harkey, showcased The Harmon Brothers’ unique style—complete with a golden throne and toilet, on which hundreds of fans took their photos with the famous “Pooping Unicorn” from the advertisement.


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