Written by Robert Thompson and directed by Brandon Slagle (the upcoming “Crossbreed”), “Escape From Ensenada” follows the story of two College Students who – while on vacation in Baja, are kidnapped by a vicious Mexican cartel with the intention to sell them to sex traffickers in Europe.

However the tables are soon turned as one of the students – the daughter of globe-trotting survivalists – initiates their escape. Bronwyn Carrie-Wilson stars alongside Devanny Pinn (House of Manson) with Louis Mandylor (My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Daylight’s End), Noel Gugliemi (The Fast and the Furious, Training Day), Jonathan Goldstein (Drake and Josh), Jacqui Holland, Jose Rosete, Victor Boneva, Charles Chudabala, Sarah French, Michelle Romano, Mike Sarcinelli, Kevin Caliber (Supergirl) and Telenovela starlet Adriana Fonseca (Corazon Valiente – in her English-speaking feature debut).

Produced by Alexis Iacono, Liz Cuppie, Jeff Jankowski, James C. Ward, Gigi Jankowski, Donna Kopp and John Kopp, ‘Escape From Ensenada’ is currently in post-production and has an anticipated release date in 2017.

escape from ensenada
escape from ensenada

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