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Brian Gleeson and Damien Molony Battle For Control in Tiger Raid Exclusive Clip

Brian Gleeson and Damien Molony Battle For Control in Tiger Raid Exclusive Clip

Tiger Raid Exclusive Clip

Brian Gleeson as Joe and Damien Molony as Paddy in writer-director Simon Dixon’s action-thriller, ‘Tiger Raid.’
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Battling a fellow mercenary who you’re reluctantly bound to during a dangerous job is a challenging task for even the toughest fighter. The assignment can become even more difficult if both outlaws are unable to face the truth of who they are. Actors Brian Gleeson and Damien Molony embody the perfect examples of the fiercest, but ultimately vulnerable, warriors on screen. That’s particularly true as their respective characters are ultimately undermined not by their enemies, but by themselves and each other. In honor of the performers’ action thriller, ‘Tiger Raid,’ recently being distributed on North American VOD platforms by Content Media, Shockya is premiering an exclusive new clip from the drama.

In the clip, which is titled ‘Paddy “Congratulates” Joe on His Sobriety,’ Gleeson and Molony’s mercenaries, who are forced to work together on the title robbery, are being haunted by their own personal demons. Joe, the older of the two outlaws, carries a brutal and unrepentant view of the world, and is defined by fear and adoration of their invisible but omnipresent boss. Paddy is younger and recklessly ambitious, and is determined to progress through the ranks of the crew.

Neither man trusts the other as they tell half truths and stories of previous victories in a battle to determine who controls their increasingly volatile situation. So when Paddy offers Joe a drink of whiskey, the older mercenary declines and admits that he’s a recovering alcoholic. As a result, his younger colleague uses the revelation to his advantage to regain the power between the duo.

‘Tiger Raid’ marks the feature film directorial debut of Simon Dixon, who also served as an executive producer, and co-wrote the script with Gareth Coulam Evans and Mick Donnellan. In addition to Gleeson and Molony, the drama also stars Sofia Boutella (who portrays the title character in the upcoming ‘The Mummy‘ reboot).

The action movie’s North American VOD release comes after the action movie had its World Premiere at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival. The film was shot entirely on location in the Kingdom of Jordan.

‘Tiger Raid’ follows two cold blooded mercenaries, Joe (Gleeson) and Paddy (Molony), who are hired to lead a covert kidnapping mission. They’re chosen for the job by the mysterious Dave, who demands absolute loyalty from his men. The mission’s leader organizes the kidnapping of a wealthy Afghani’s daughter, Shadha (Boutella), and arranges to have the ransoms delivered once his soldiers obtain their target. Joe and Paddy forge an unlikely connection as they travel across the Iraqi desert during the middle of the night, in order to secure their target, and their mutual trust is the only thing that protects them on their mission.

While the mercenaries’ goal is to profit from the unruly locales as they set out to take Shadha hostage, unforeseen chaos erupts. As both men try to make sense of the situation, mistakes from their violent and desperate pasts threaten the trust they were able to establish in their relationship so far. Seemingly secure loyalty becomes an unpredictable and unreliable concept to Joe and Paddy when their past mistakes and violence threatens to tear each of them apart.

Tiger Raid Clip-Paddy "Congratulates" Joe on His Sobriety

Joe and Paddy, two mercenaries who are working in the Middle East together, are bound together by a job and hounded by demons from their pasts. As they struggle to face the truth of who they are while crossing the unforgiving desert to kidnap the daughter of a powerful man, part of a major robbery known as a Tiger Raid, Joe sarcastically congratulates Joe on his sobriety.

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