Deconstructing Dani Garcia Poster
The official poster for directors Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and Iñigo Ruiz’s documentary, ‘Deconstructing Dani Garcia.’
Photo Courtesy: XLrator Media

The process of perfecting their craft is a compelling motivator for all artists, no matter what medium they have chosen to work in. That’s certainly true for popular Spanish chef, Dani García, who will do whatever it takes to make the best food for his patrons. His determination to remain one of his country’s best cooks is presented in the new documentary, ‘Deconstructing Dani Garcia.’ In honor of the film’s upcoming release, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip, which showcases García’s dedication to cooking.

XLrator Media will is set to distribute the documentary on VOD and iTunes this Tuesday, June 27. ‘Deconstructing Dani Garcia’ was directed by editor Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas and first-time helmer, Iñigo Ruiz.

The following synopsis for ‘Deconstructing Dani Garcia’ has been released by XLrator Media:

Dani García, one of the best chefs in Spain, finds himself and his career in a critical juncture. In January 2014, his restaurant closes, he is a chef without restaurant. The Michelin stars and his credibility are at stake.

Shockya's Deconstructing Dani Garcia Exclusive Clip
Shockya's Deconstructing Dani Garcia Exclusive Clip

Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip from directors Iñigo Ruiz and Alfonso Cortés-Cavanillas' documentary 'Deconstructing Dani Garcia,' which will be released by XLrator Media's on VOD and iTunes.

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