The hard hitting thriller currently in development has some big names already attached in Mem Ferda (London Heist), Amy Tyger (Legacy), Shanika Warren-Markland (Brotherhood), Olivia Chenery (Queens), Pooja Shah (Bend it like Beckham) and Monika Miles (War Games).

BRAWL stars Amy Tyger (Legacy) as Beki Knight, a fighter unable to get a licence because of a health issue, who joins an illegal fight club in order to get her family out of spiralling debt. But the club is not all it seems and brings unforeseen danger into Beki’s life which is already tainted by her spend-aholic mother Fay and her abusive new boyfriend Tony, played by Mem Ferda (Pusher).

Set in London’s dark underworld of illegal fight clubs BRAWL is a brutal and hard hitting thriller that is going to take some beating.

Director Garry Moore (Melanie’s Grave) who also scripted the film, had this to say:

‘Because the fighters are female there’s going to be this perceived notion, quite wrongly, that the fight scenes won’t be as good as if it were men fighting. So the fight scenes will be extremely brutal just to counter that. They’ll be harder than anything ever seen before on screen.’

British screen star and prolific Producer Mem Ferda (The Devil’s Double), who plays Tony in BRAWL had this to say about the script, his character and the film in general:

‘Garry’s script is a complete knockout. Authentic and harsh, with a balance of innocence that hits hard and intoxicates you. The current market is crying out for a female fight film like BRAWL.’

Further cast announcements are to follow, but Brawl is already proving a champion!

brawl movie poster
Movie poster for the upcoming film “Brawl”.

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