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During a Q&A at at Florida SuperCon, Karen Gillan was asked if she could play a character in pop culture, who would it be. According to ComicBook.com, the actress revealed she like to play The Joker.

“Oh, can I say something DC? Okay, I’m going to say something DC, and I’m going to play the Joker. Maybe a female Joker.”

It seems implausible for an actress to play the Joker, but there’s actually a precedent for it. Upon learning this, Gillan quickly told the audience to let DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. know that she would want that role.

“This is my calling! Somebody make a call for me and let them know I’m available.”

In 2011, DC Comics’ “Flashpoint” saw an alternate reality because The Flash went back in time to save his mother’s life. In the alternate reality, a young Bruce Wayne died in Crime Alley instead of his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne. Because of his death at the hands of senseless act of violence, Thomas Wayne vowed revenge and became Batman, while Martha Wayne became mad and turned into The Joker.

Maybe Karen Gillan could take this role, if Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment decide to make a live-action version of “Flashpoint” when they decide to inevitably reboot the DC Expanded Universe.

Source: ScreenRant.com

Karen Gillan

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