Red White Black & Blue Odyssey Clip
An image from director James Brown’s ‘Red White Black & Blue Odyssey.’
Photo Courtesy: XLrator Media

Truly embracing team spirit, and positively influencing members to always strive for the best, even during moments of perceived weakness, is a powerful message that all sports coaches should embrace. In the newly released documentary, ‘Red White Black & Blue Odyssey,’ Stuart Krohn, the head coach and founder of the ICEF Rugby Program in South Los Angeles, emphasizes the importance of emotionally supporting his team members. In support of XLrator Media distributing the film on VOD and iTunes today, Shockya is premiering an exclusive clip that highlights Krohn inspirationally encouraging the players in his organization.

‘Red White Black & Blue Odyssey’ was directed by James Brown. The documentary chronicles the workings of the ICEF Rugby Program, which supports the athleticism of inner city high school kids in LA. As the head coach and founder of the group, Krohn brings the players around the world to compete against international teams.

Shockya's Red White Black & Blue Odyssey Exclusive Clip
Shockya's Red White Black & Blue Odyssey Exclusive Clip

Watch Shockya's exclusive clip from director James Brown's documentary, 'Red White Black & Blue Odyssey.'

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