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Delaney Colaio
‘We Go Higher’s co-writer-director, Delaney Colaio

The timely documentary, ‘We Go Higher,’ which is the first film to be made by and about kids who lost parents on September 11, 2001, and its production company, Women Rising, announced today that it will launch an Indiegogo campaign to help finance the ending of the filming phase of production. The campaign, which launched today and is slated to run for three weeks, aims to raise a minimum of $50,000 to shoot the remaining stories for the movie. The money raised during the campaign will go towards editing and post-production costs of the film and the documentary shorts of each participating 9/11 child’s story.

Executive producer Delaney Colaio co-wrote and co-directed ‘We Go Higher’ with documentary filmmakers, Sara Hirsh Bordo and Michael Campo. Colaio, who’s only 18-years-old, was initially motivated to make the movie after her family was invited to speak at Guantanamo Bay against the five who were accused in the terrorist attacks that took the lives of her father and two uncles

The teen then went on a quest to connect with other children who lost parents during the terrorist attacks, in order to unify their community and redefine their story from one of tragedy to hope. More than 40 children subsequently decided to tell their story on camera, and many of the participants also assume filmmaking roles on the documentary.

“Together with the kids, we hope that the film will help fuel a global shift of healing, elevating the post 9/11 narrative towards one of hope,” said Bordo, who’s also the founder of Women Rising, and served as one of the producers on ‘We Go Higher.’ Women Rising supports positive story-telling about complex issues, while also championing female heroes. Committing a percentage of profits from every project to a related cause, Women Rising represents a new kind of purpose-based production company.

To help support the completion of ‘We Go Higher, visit the documentary’s page on Indiegogo. The film is set to premiere next year.

Photo ofDelaney Colaio, Sara Hirsh Bordo and Michael Campo
Delaney Colaio, Sara Hirsh Bordo and Michael Campo
Job Title
Co-writers and directors of the 9/11 documentary, 'We Go Higer'

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