SixTwoSeven's Some Other's Day EP
The cover for alternative rock band SixTwoSeven’s EP, ‘Some Other’s Day.’

Band: SixTwoSeven; Greg Bilderback, aka “illfunk”-Singer and lead guitarist; Mike Knapp, aka “MK Ultra”-Bassist; Matt Bilderback, aka “The Machine”-Drums and backing vocals; and Jason Bilderback, aka “J Danger”-Guitar and backing vocals

EP: Some Other’s Day

Production: Produced by Jack Endino at Soundhouse Studios; Mastered by Joe Lambert

Freely sharing the tension and pain that often accompanies a fall from grace and elation can be a vulnerable experience for many people. But the members of the Seattle-based alternative rock band, SixTwoSeven, powerfully prove that they’re not afraid to chronicle the agony that accompanies failed relationships and connections on their debut EP,’Some Other’s Day.’ The new rock and punk-infused album grippingly reflects on haunting, real-life moments, and ponders how strained situations have spiraled out of the musicians’ control.

SixTwoSeven, which is led by singer and lead guitarist, Greg Bilderback, begins its first record with the classic alternative rock-inspired entry, ‘Wreckless Soul.’ The song, which enthrallingly evokes a homage to Sublime, proves that Bilderback and his fellow musicians aren’t afraid to utilize gritty rock vocals, guitar riffs and drum beats to emphasize their points. SixTwoSeven’s lead singer also isn’t apprehensive about sharing his personal pain, and admitting that he has felt as though he has spun out of control while contending with the ending of his romantic relationship. The track perfectly emphasizes the idea that the more people try to prove in their relationships, the less they’ll grow personally, especially since they don’t always conform to their significant other’s expectations.

‘Wreckless Soul’ then transitions into another nostalgic alternative rock tune, ‘Joshua’s Song.’ Inspired by the music of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, ‘Some Other’s Day’ second entry features a gritty guitar and thumping bassline that perfectly highlights the antagonistic personal relationships that that Bilderback, much like many other people, has endured. The vocalist emotionally admits that he felt that something wasn’t right before his connections turned dour.

The third entry on SixTwoSeven’s new EP is ‘Top of the World,’ which perfectly proves the band’s versatility and ability to connect with different genres and emotions. Now relying more on punk elements than rock components, Bilderback and his fellow musicians take cues from bands like The Ramones to chronicle the pain people feel when they’re down on their luck. SixTwoSeven’s vocalist emotionally questions how he ended up in his current predicament, in which he’s struggling from his fall from grace. Aided by a gritty rock-infused guitar, the singer also expresses his regret over the mishaps he has endured in his failed romantic relationship.

‘Some Other’s Day’ then concludes with the insightful song, ‘One Single Night.’ Guided by Weezer-inspired guitar riffs and drum beats, Bilderback passionately admits that something doesn’t feel right in his relationship, so he doesn’t trust the other person. The singer also grippingly belts out that he can’t relax when he feels burdened by the pain of the ending of a stressful relationship.

Aided by riveting and distinct instrumentals, Bilderback and his bandmates in SixTwoSeven successfully took the lead from such powerful alternative rock and punk bands as Weezer, Sublime and The Ramones to craft an emotional and noteworthy debut EP with ‘Some Other’s Day.’ SixTwoSeven instantly proves that its not afraid to chronicle the agony that accompanies failed relationships and connections on their new album, which captivatingly reflects on haunting, real-life moments.

For more information on SixTwoSeven, visit the band’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and SoundCloud pages.

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SixTwoSeven's Some Other's Day EP
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