Söur Bruthers' Self-Titled EP Review
The cover for Söur Bruthers’ self-titled alt-rock-country-Americana-retro-pop debut EP.

Band: Söur Bruthers; Tim Fitzgerald-vocals and songwriting; Mike Argyrakis-guitar and vocals; Bill Lloyd-bass and vocals; and Mike Starostovic-Chicago drummer and Tony Alunni-Los Angeles drummer

EP: Söur Bruthers

Produced and mixed by: Bill Lloyd

Many people contend with personal struggles as they try to navigate adulthood, and it’s the way they approach overcoming those challenges that truly defines them. The versatile Chicago-based band, Söur Bruthers, is emerging on the music scene with a contrast of styles that reflect on everything its members have been through, both together and on their own. The life-long friends, but newly formed band, are trying to take a positive look about coming out of those tough times on their recently released self-titled, six track debut EP. The diverse album features retro-pop, Americana, country and alt-rock songs that powerfully explore how the musicians are trying to take a positive look about coming out of those difficult times.

The Söur Bruthers’ record begins with the intriguing and insightful entry, ‘Sinkin’ Down,’ which thrives on its country-infused rock guitar riffs and drum beats, and is the epitome of the Americana rock and country-infused genre. The song features an intimate cry for help, and fiery proclamation that the musicians will survive during their difficult times.

Lead singer and songwriter, Tim Fitzgerald, has declared that ‘Sinkin’ Down’ is the track that best represents where the band is now, since some of the members are currently living in Los Angeles, while the rest of the group is based in Chicago. While the band has to continuously confront their geographic challenges, the musicians are all determined to fight to keep to keep their momentum going, in name of their shared passion for music.

The EP than transitions into the riveting and optimistic entry, ‘Better Days,’ which powerfully highlights the group’s motto that they’ll keep themselves together and always hold their heads up high. The song continues the Söur Bruthers’ signature up-tempo guitar riffs and drum beats, as Fitzgerald croons that he knows hard times will keep coming, but he’ll do whatever he can to stay positive and upbeat.

The Söur Bruthers’ self-titled debut record then delves into another one of it’s important and noteworthy tracks, ‘3 a.m.,’ which features a blend of soulful guitar riffs and drum beats. The carefree instrumentals stunningly blends with Fitzgerald’s sad and regret-tinged lyrics, which focus on the fact he can’t stop thinking about the woman he loves. He proclaims that life isn’t worth living without her, and how their relationship has tremendously impacted and consumed him.

After then delving into the rock-inspired tune, ‘All I Want,’ which features Fitzgerald once again proclaiming that all he needs is to be with the woman he loves, the next entry on ‘Söur Bruthers’ is the darker and harder-edged ‘Wash Away.’ The gritty song features ominous overtones as Fitzgerald reflects on the difficult times that he has endured. The first EP from the Söur Bruthers then concludes with the riveting track, ‘Release Me,’ which features emotionally strong lyrical imagery and a skillfully crafted melodic structure.

With its unique blend of alt-rock, Americana, country, retro-pop and blues elements that help foster vocals and instrumentals with an attitude, the skillfully crafted new self-titled debut EP from the Söur Bruthers offers a gripping insight into the relatable world of ordinary Americans. The musicians’ first album together stunningly showcases how people are truly defined by they way they approach overcoming their challenges. The versatile group enthrallingly reflects on everything its members have been through, both together and on their own. The life-long friends are trying to take a positive perspective while contending with tough times, which makes their first EP a stunning listen.

For more informaition on , visit the band’s official website, as well as its Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages.

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Söur Bruthers' self-titled alt-rock-country-Americana-retro-pop EP
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