Brit actor Mem Ferda joins producer Jon Silverberg and Andy Hodgson to complete the astonishing new feature thriller starring Richard Harmon (The Age of Adaline, The 100) and Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1).

‘Crypto’, is a dark, edge of the world thriller, which tells the story of one man’s journey into madness. When junkie photojournalist Jake (Harmon) takes work as a watchman on a remote wilderness lodge alongside veteran handyman Sparky (Granger), he shoots and develops his own photos, which start to reveal unsettling apparitions of his own haunted past and a very uncertain future.

Shot in beautiful locations around Canada, the film is a psychological journey told in the style of Stephen King (It, The Shining) and David Lynch (Lost Highway). Mem Ferda (JailBird, Pusher) commented ‘I’m elated to work with such a talent as Jon, and its simply astonishing the quality of cast we have managed to pulled together. I’m so looking forward to audience reactions to the movie’.

Cast includes: Richard Harmon (Continuum)
Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1, Sanctuary)
Frank C Turner (Alone in the Dark)
Philip Granger (Ghost Wars)

Director: Jon Silverberg

Producers: Dale Wolfe, Andy Hodgson, Jon Silverberg

Co-Producer: Mem Ferda, James Clapper, Desmond Chen

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