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(L-R): Co-writer-director Josh Helman and actress Celeste Arias star in an exclusive clip from Freestyle Digital Media’s drama, ‘Kate Can’t Swim.’

Fearlessly embarking on new adventures not only allows people to explore potential new hobbies, but also liberates them to freely share their old talents with their new friends. That’s certainly the case with two best girl friends and their respective boyfriends in the new drama, ‘Kate Can’t Swim.’ In honor of the movie now being available on VOD by Freestyle Digital Media, Shockya is debuting an exclusive clip from the film, which is titled ‘Kate & Nick – Picnic.’

In the clip, actress Celeste Arias and actor Josh Helman, who play the title protagonist and Nick, respectively, are talking about Nick’s girlfriend, Em, while they’re spending time together at a picnic in the woods. Kate reveals to her best friend’s new boyfriend that she can’t believe that he was able to convince Em to go on a hike with them and Kate’s boyfriend, Pete, in the woods. Kate explains to Nick that growing up, Em was always more interested in playing her musical instruments, including the ukulele and guitar, than spending time in nature.

In addition to starring in ‘Kate Can’t Swim,’ Helman also made his feature film directorial and writing debuts on the drama. The movie was co-directed by Evan Jonigkeit, who also served as an executive producer, along with ‘Girls’ actress, Zosia Mamet. Jennifer Allcott, who portrays Em in the film, also co-wrote the script with Helman, and served as a producer. Grayson DeJesus rounded out the cast as Pete.

‘Kate Can’t Swim’ follows Em as she returns home to New York City from Paris with a new lover, Nick. As a result, the life of her best friend, Kate, is thrown off track. Confronting new personalities, old promises and sexual fluidity, Kate must decide to stay on her current path, or burn it all down and forge a new one.

For more information on ‘Kate Can’t Swim,’ which has won awards at such festivals as the Slamdance Film Festival, the Sunscreen Film Festival, the Brooklyn Film Festival and the Destiny City Film Festival, visit the drama’s official website, as well as its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Shockya's Exclusive 'Kate Can't Swim' Clip
Shockya's Exclusive 'Kate Can't Swim' Clip

In honor of co-writer-director-actor Josh Helman's drama, 'Kate Can't Swim,' being released on VOD by Freestyle Digital Media, Shockya is debuting an exclusive clip from the film, which also features stars Celeste Arias, Jennifer Allcott and Grayson DeJesus.

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