C.K. and The Rising Tide's Friends Single Cover
The cover for C.K. and The Rising Tide’s alt-country, indie rock and Americana single, ‘Friends.’

Band: C.K. and The Rising Tide; members: C.K. Flach, singer-songwriter; Chris Brandt, bass; Danny Boudreau, violins and keyboards; and Wayne Flach, Jr., guitar

Single: Friends

Contemplating the current state of their society, and where their culture is ultimately headed, is a powerful motivator for many musicians in contemporary civilization. As an insightful singer-songwriter, C.K. Flach has always thought about, and valued, the process of working through challenging issues, particularly to create a more stable environment. As a result, the musician has formed a new band, C.K. and The Rising Tide, whose song verses and bridges help listeners overcome the chaos and struggles in their lives. That inspirational determination to succeed and flourish is notably presented on the lead single, ‘Friends,’ from their upcoming album, ‘American Romance.’

The bombastically infectious tune is a powerful showcase of the chemistry between the members of the emerging quartet, which hails from New York’s Hudson Valley. ‘Friends’ naturally continues Flach’s tradition of blending commanding narrative themes with addicting progressions, which are emphasized by his deep and soulful vocals. Also driven by an alt-pop undertone and pop-folk anthem aesthetic, rhythm guitar, drums and the singer-sonwriter’s charismatic harmonica skills, the track features a unique country, indie rock and Americana in its vocals and instrumentation, as well.

The folksy nature of the enthralling emotional arc of the lyrics in ‘Friends’ is inspired by the untimely death of a young man Flach once knew. Over the past several years since the man’s passing, the leader of C.K. and the Rising Tide grew inspired to pen a song that focuses on the importance of people surrounding themselves with good friends who care about them. The singer, who passionately croons about not taking the people he loves for granted in the reflective tune, also grippingly analyzes and processes his deeper feelings about the world around him. Flachs proves his worth as a musician by emphasizing the vital theme that people have to find satisfaction in everything they possibly can.

‘Friends’ is an inspirational and memorable first single for C.K. and the Rising Tide, as it provides hope that people can appreciate the lives of the people they’ve lost, while also offering optimism that people can find satisfaction in the world around them. The creativity and diversity in the alt-country, indie rock and Americana-inspired vocals, lyrics and instrumentation that Flach and his bandmates have created will surely inspire their listeners to overcome the chaos and struggles in their lives. If ‘Friends’ is any indication of how the rest of the tracks on ‘American Romance’ will sound and be about, the up-and-coming group is sure to have a bright future in the music business ahead of them.

For more information on C.K. and The Rising Tide, visit the band’s Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud pages.

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C.K. and the Rise Tide's alt-country, indie rock and Americana single, 'Friends'
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