Ryan Kwanten in Supercon
Ryan Kwanten as Matt Wheeler in the comedy, ‘Supercon,’ an Archstone Distribution release.
Photo courtesy of Archstone Distribution.

Ryan Kwanten and John Malkovich have been conned for the last time, and are determined to take back their beloved comic convention for the nerds. Their mischievous antics are being highlighted on screen in the newly released green band trailer for the upcoming comedy, ‘Supercon.’ The trailer is being unveiled in support of the film’s release in theaters and on VOD and Digital HD on April 27 by Archstone Distribution, and then on DVD on June 5.

‘Supercon’ was directed by first-time feature filmmaker, Zak Knutson, who also co-wrote the script with Andy Sipes and Dana Snyder. In addition to Kwanten and Malkovich, the movie also stars Maggie Grace, Mike Epps, Brooks Braselman, Russell Peters and Clancy Brown.

Archstone Distribution has released the following synopsis for ‘Supercon’:

Another weekend, another comic convention for former TV actor Keith Mahar (Peters). Most people don’t recognize Keith. His only claim to fame was as a child star in an 80’s television show. Keith reluctantly joins his close friends, cartoon voice-over actor Matt (Kwanten), comic book artist Allison (Grace) and 80’s TV star Brock (Braselman), who are also working the convention. But things take a turn for the worst when Keith’s former co-star and Supercon’s big ticket draw for the weekend — Adam King (Brown) — decides to have the group fired and banned from the convention, with the help of the convention promoter. So the friends decide to go on a crusade to bring down King and the promoter in the most epic way imaginable.

'Supercon' Official Greenband Trailer
'Supercon' Official Greenband Trailer

Archstone Distribution has released the official greenband trailer for co-writer-director Zak Knutson's comedy, 'Supercon,' which stars Ryan Kwanten, Maggie Grace, Mike Epps, Brooks Braselman, Russell Peters, Clancy Brown and John Malkovich.

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