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There’s nothing like sitting down on a Saturday evening to take a break and watch some movies on Netflix. And, now Netflix is so widespread that viewers from almost the entire world can watch a movie premiere simultaneously. So, it’s never been a better time to embrace the streaming service's large category of films and television for you to experience.

With its large categories filled with insightful, philosophical films, you can always find something to watch that gets you to truly re-think many aspects of your life and beliefs. However, for those looking to just relax after a long day, sometimes you just want to binge watch romantic comedies that make you feel good and not too distressed. Lifetime movies are usually the best for this, giving you a delightful mix of melodrama, short movies, and good acting.

It may come hard to discover the best romantic Lifetime movies among so many titles you may not know. According to Netflix Guides, many of the highest-rated such productions also come with drama, mystery, crime and family topics. We’ve compiled our top 7 favorites from the romantic Lifetime offer.

1. William and Kate

This movie about the iconic royal couple goes into detail about how the two met, bringing them from their initial friendship while at university to the trials and tribulations that led them to one of the most well-known weddings in modern history. This isn’t an easy progression, though—the film also highlights their hardships to get there, showing how difficult it can be to be so in love while also being from two completely different universes. William must learn to let someone in, and Kate must learn to adjust to her new, royal lifestyle.

2. True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet

While it may not appear to be a movie with a lot of substance, this one is an incredible glimpse into the life of a teenage socialite who is pressured into creating a new life for herself after going a bit off-the-rail.

At first, it comes off as an unrelatable premise, but towards the end you'll be surprised at how much you empathize with the main character as she takes the steps to reconfigure and re-structure her life. Ultimately, this film tackles many questions people face as teenagers: who am I? What do I want from life? What does love mean to me? And how do I make it through high school?

3. The Murder of Princess Diana

Though the above mention of William and Kate gives insight into the inner workings of the royal family,The Murder of Princess Diana takes it a step further to investigate what exactly happened in 1997 when Diana, Princess of Wales, was involved in a fatal car accident. This may not seem to be a romantic movie, but when you find out exactly who was important in Diana's life and how she conducted herself with regards to love, it’s clear that she was consistently interested in the tribulations and pleasure that can arise from being truly in love. Find out who she truly was, why some disliked that, and how that
may have contributed to her demise.

4. Liz & Dick

Another big entry into the romantic category of Lifetime movies is this touching dramatization of the relationship between Taylor and Richard & Dick Burton, featuring young actress Lindsay Lohan during a critical moment in her career. See the starlet couple dazzle the eyes of the public as their relationship grows more intense and see how the troubles of the 1960s play into this classic, Hollywood drama.

5. The Blue Lagoon

This movie tells the story of an unlikely encounter between two children who find themselves stranded together on an island in the middle of the Pacific. Through learning more about living and growing up they also learn about sexual maturity and how to grow with somebody else by their side.

This dynamic brings out some great things but also plenty of stressful moments of immaturity. Ultimately, the plot creates some very engaging drama that isn’t too overwhelming.

6. The Pregnancy Project

In an effort to live out an experiment on stereotypes for a class project, high school senior Gabby Rodriguez pretends to be pregnant to learn what it means to be treated as someone carrying a teen pregnancy. What ensues is a tale about finding oneself and not letting other people’s opinions tarnish your self esteem. She finds that her pregnancy overrides any semblance of public identity, causing her to
feel overwhelmed, excluded, and not seen.

7. Reviving Ophelia

In a similar tone as many Lifetime movies,Reviving Ophelia tackles aspects of love that aren’t spoken about among the teenagers who experience them. In the case of Reviving Ophelia, it speaks about two sisters, with one who has a daughter who is repeatedly abused by her boyfriend. As she navigates what love means to her the movie continues to unfold the story, giving light to the dynamic and fine line between harm and happy. Family becomes a huge part of the story, with familial love being a focal point for the sustaining motion of the plot.

The best romantic Lifetime movies can take you from one mood to another in a matter of minutes. Now you cry, then a smile appears and so on. Even though high-class critics may not agree with most of the Lifetime movie concepts, they managed to cross the line and turn into a true genre. You already have some expectations once you play such a movie. Amaze your friends and be amazed by streaming some of the best romantic Lifetime movies on Netflix!

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