"Head Up in the Clouds" by Eric Frisch
“Head Up in the Clouds” by Eric Frisch

Eric Frisch is a singer/songwriter from the mean streets of Toronto, Canada. He now resides in New York City, as he perfected his sound in a mixture of retro rock and folk from the 1970s with today’s methods of song delivery via streaming services. He’s a recording artist out of time with classic style for modern appeal. His new release Head Up in the Clouds gives listeners just a taste of his excellent songwriting and musical talent.

The EP starts with “Angeline,” which has a solid sound that feels analog and warm like an old friend waiting to greet you after a long day at work. It’s the kind of precious indie folk that might appear in a Jason Reitman film one day. It also almost eschews modern sensibilities for something that’s completely genuine and sincere and not cynical.

The track “Head Up in the Clouds” sounds like it might have been a b-side for Cat Stevens (who is known now as Yusuf Islam) or Fleetwood Mac. Frisch perfectly captures the sounds of the 1970s, even though this track was recorded in 2018. It’s a tuneful track that reflects on regret and acceptance in the face of daydreams and inability. There’s a vulnerability there that speaks volumes to the human experience.

The EP ends with “I Can’t Sing With A Broken Heart,” which takes cues from the like of The Beach Boys with its sense of playfulness and longing — especially with its layered vocals and harmonies.

Head Up in the Clouds is a fine EP from Eric Frisch. He shows he has loads of talent and a passion for music and its craft. Even the way it begins with a vocal cue that let’s the listener aware of the process of recording. It can also feel like a playful nod to how music is made and delivered to listeners everywhere, like the ones listening to it right now!

Songs: A-
Technical: A
Overall: A

For more info on Eric Frisch, check out his website or Bandcamp and SoundCloud pages. Head Up in the Clouds is also available on Spotify and Apple Music. Give it a listen!

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"Head Up in the Clouds" by Eric Frisch

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