Zen Dog Exclusive Clip
(L-R): Actor Kyle Gallner and actress Celia Diane appear in an exclusive clip from writer-director Rick Darge’s drama, ‘Zen Dog.’

Kyle Gallner is breaking away from his normal daily routine, and is finally experiencing complete freedom by acquainting himself with Clea Duvall, who’s a complete stranger, in the new drama, ‘Zen Dog.’ The actor’s protagonist is embracing such new encounters as spending time with people he doesn’t know-even if those adventures are occurring through virtual reality.

In honor of the hero’s virtual cross-country trip unfolding on screen today, ShockYa is debuting an exclusive clip from the film, which is titled ‘Maya.’ In the clip, the characters that Gallner and one of his co-stars, Celia Diane, play have their first true conversation as they walk down a street in Denver. The duo starts to get to know each other, after a previously distressful chance meeting.

‘Zen Dog’ is being distributed today on Blu-ray, VOD and all digital platforms, including iTunes, by Future Park. The Blu-ray includes bonus content that take viewers on a journey behind-the-scenes and inside the making of the movie. The features will be exclusive to the special edition disc, and not included on the VOD release. The bonus content includes a 27-minute behind-the-scenes documentary; four deleted scenes with introductions by writer-director Rick Darge and editor Richard Gonzalez; a commentary audio track with Gallner, one of his co-stars, Adam Herschman, and Darge; and a commentary audio track with cinematographer-producer, Richie Trimble, and Darge.

Prior to its official distribution, the drama screened at multiple film festivals. ‘Zen Dog’ played at such festivals as the Hollywood Film Festival, where it was nominated for Best Narrative Feature Film, and the Newport Beach Film Festival, where Darge won Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking and Screenwriting.

The following synopsis for ‘Zen Dog’ has been released:

Mud (Gallner) has been trapped in his daily routine for a long time. He runs a struggling virtual reality startup that promises to transport users to exotic locations from the comfort of their homes. Plagued by recurring nightmares of a stranger’s suicide, Mud has a difficult time coping with his monotonous existence. One day, his eccentric cousin Dwayne (Herschman) shows up at his doorstep, and disturbs the comforting pattern Mud has created for himself. Dwayne introduces Mud to the power of lucid dreaming with the hopes that it will quell his nightmares. As a result, Mud dreams himself into a road trip across America in a psychedelic Volkswagen. Finding himself experiencing a life without the usual comforts and meeting colorful characters, he starts discovering more than he initially bargained for.

For more information on ‘Zen Dog,’ visit the movie’s official website, as well as its Facebook and Twitter pages.

Shockya's Exclusive Zen Dog Clip
Shockya's Exclusive Zen Dog Clip

Shockya is debuting an exclusive clip from writer-director Rick Darge's drama, 'Zen Dog,' which features stars Kyle Gallner and Celia Diane.

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